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Our Process

Process for Determining a Good Fit

Red Hook has a defined process of getting to know a new client, determining if there is a good fit, making a commitment to work together, bringing them on board as a new Red Hook client, and working with them going forward. 

Discovery Meeting.  Determining client fit is crucial to beginning a fruitful relationship with the team at Red Hook. When taking on a new client, we conduct a Discovery Meeting where, through a series of purposefully designed questions, we determine the family’s values, goals, relationships, and intended legacy.

Total Client Profile & Recommendations.  A week or so after the Discovery Meeting, we present our findings in the form of a Total Client Profile  and lay out how we believe we can help the client.  These first two meetings are a mutual vetting period, both for Red Hook and the client, to decide if there is a fit between them.

Mutual Commitment and Implementation.  If we decide to work together, we sign paperwork and begin the implementation process, which includes gathering the last bits of information and creating a plan for how we will manage assets. We then draw up an Investment Policy Statement, a written document that formally defines how Red Hook will allocate and manage assets.  We will also create a process for reviewing Advanced Planning Projects.

Ongoing Meetings.  Depending on the client, Red Hook meets periodically by phone or in person to catch up, work on wealth management projects and review asset allocation and performance.